Season 2

Naoki Urasawa’s Manben Season 2 with English Subtitles.
Featuring Moto Hagio (Heart of Thomas), Kengo Hanazawa (I Am A Hero), Daisuke Igarashi (Children of the Sea) and Usamaru Furuya (No Longer Human).

Episode 1

Moto Hagio
萩尾 望都

  • Born May 12, 1949
  • Works include Heart of Thomas, A Drunken Dream & Other Stories and Otherworld Barbara
  • Began drawing manga in Elementary school.
  • Works from 1pm to 3am with little breaks in between for meals.

Quotes from the Episode:

‘Wanting to make readers happy, to make them say, “wow!” or to make their hearts pound. 
Believing whatever toll it takes on you is fine, if that’s what it’s for.’

‘You think, “I hope they find it interesting,” or, “I hope they cry here,” but when it comes to laughing, crying, and being moved, to rouse those emotions is actually an extraordinarily hard task. 
So really, I have to be emotional about it too, or it won’t be conveyed.’

Episode 2

Kengo Hanazawa 
花沢 健吾

  • Born January 5, 1974
  • Best known for I Am A Hero
  • His manga depicts the mindset of male losers who struggle in life.
  • His work was made into a film in 2016
  • Has a gym in his workplace
  • Assistant takes photos of him for reference when drawing.

Quotes from the Episode:

‘It gets boring if it just goes how you might like it to.
When it doesn’t go how you’d like, and the drama starts moving on its own like an amoeba, drawing it becomes more interesting.’

‘You really do have to enjoy doing it yourself. It’s fine to meander around a bit. Even if the goal appears different in the end, that makes it interesting in its own way. ‘

Episode 3

Daisuke Igarashi

  • Born April 2, 1969
  • Best Known for Children of the Sea
  • After graduating he set off to sketch the scenery of Japan.  
  • Has a soft “fine-arts” grip
  • He does everything himself, only uses assistants for simple tasks like filling in the blacks. 
  •  Uses ballpoint for nature details with no real sketch underneath.
  • Spends 12 hours a day drawing

Quotes from the Episode:

‘If it’s too neat and tidy, it makes it less emotional. 
When it’s more of a crude burst of how I feel the emotions show up right on the paper.
For that critical moment here I’m trying to make sure I’m not being too careful about it.’

‘Back when I was a university student (the 90’s) manga really felt like it was at the forefront of expression. 
My concern is that if we don’t continue to keep it new, then eventually it won’t be at the front anymore.’

Episode 4

Usamaru Furuya 
古屋 兎丸

  • Born January 25, 1968
  • Works Include: No Longer Human, Genkaku Picasso, Lychee Light Club and Short Cuts
  • Draws with both left and right hands
  • Makes use of Photoshop to orchestrate scenes
  • Wildly experiments with different mediums

Quotes from the Episode:

‘I think that art is the expression of your own fetishism.
It’s a process that it a little embarrassing, as it loudly exposes ‘what affects me emotionally’.
But it’s when you can depict it in a severe way that it really leaves an impression on other people.’

‘I enjoy drawing the strap over the mound(breast) and similar areas, like the surface of the clavicle.
I do feel that way about drawing men as well.
I enjoy drawing the clavicle of men.
There is the same sense of fetishism with men and women alike.’