Season 1

Naoki Urasawa hits the ground running with an amazing Season 1 in 2015.
Featuring Higashimura Akiko (Princess Jellyfish), Fujita Kazuhiro (Ushio and Tora), Inio Asano (Goodnight Punpun) and Takao Saito (Golgo 13).

Episode 1

Higashimura Akiko
東村 アキコ

  • Born October 15, 1975
  • Works include Princess Jellyfish and Tokyo Tarareba Girls
  • High-intensity, fast-paced workflow with several assistants.
  • Has one of the highest page counts in the world of manga
  • Last 10 Years – 100 pages/month

Quotes from the Episode:

‘It’s like they say, “Originally it was just a blank piece of paper,” but the mangaka, by drawing on it, causes a world to appear, people to appear.’

‘It’s like there’s a story in my head and I’m just playing the role of a “medium”, letting out onto the paper.’

Episode 2

Fujita Kazuhiro 
山下和美藤田 和日郎

  • Born 24 May, 1964
  • Best known for Ushio and Tora and The Ghost and the Lady
  • Laid-back social approach to making manga; Has a poster saying “No silence allowed.”
  • Listens to heavy metal whilst working.
  • Uses a very incomplete sketch before inking.

Quotes from the Episode:

‘When you’re drawing sports manga, it’s pretty amazing.
You get yourself all excited and you start thinking that you’re actually some amazing tennis player. 
You feel like, “I’d be amazing if I were on the court right now,” and you smash the story out that way.

‘With manga, all you have to do is draw it and see.
It’s fine to start with one panel on the first day, and the second panel on the second day.
Like, it’s fine as long as you just draw something.

Episode 3

Inio Asano
東村 アキコ浅野 いにお

  • Born September 22, 1980
  • Works include Goodnight Punpun, Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction and Solanin
  • Known for his highly detailed photo-realistic backgrounds.
  • Only has 2 assistants.
  • Made his debut manga at 17.
  • A focus on drawing the anger, despair and hope found in life.

Quotes from the Episode:

‘If your mindset is like, “I’m going to screw with the world and bring it all down!”
And you have that kind of mischievous attitude, like you’re messing with people , or like it’s a prank when you’re aspiring to create manga, then I think that’d be pretty interesting, wouldn’t it?’

‘This kind of work of filling a determined area with details, it’s not difficult at all for me. I could do it forever. 
I want to make it as detailed as I possibly can, and then some.’

Episode 4

Takao Saito 
斎藤 隆夫

  • Born November 3, 1936
  • Best known for Golgo-13
  • 60+ Years of drawing
  • Urasawa’s first printed manga “BETA!!” appeared in “Golgo 13”
  • “Golgo 13” Serialized for 47+ years without a break.
  • Over 200 Million Volumes Sold  
  • Created a new genre of cinematic manga that focused on story. 

Quotes from the Episode:

‘ It’s regular paper, but just by attaching a pen nib to a holder, putting ink in it, and doing what I’m doing, works worth over 10 billion yen that surpass Hollywood films are created.

‘ I’m always consciously thinking that I want to draw something new, but the work doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to the readers, right? 
So I can’t go around saying, “I want to quit.”