This is Naoki Urasawa

**UPDATE JUL 2020**
I’ve just spent a whole week editing the Naoki Urasawa Manben Episode with English Subtitles. 
Here it is: 

I apologise for the delay, there’s no excuse really, but an update on my personal life: 
I am still battling cancer, at the ripe old age of 26, I have a 13 inch scar going around my neck from 2 surgeries.
I was living in a van last year to save money so I could get out of credit card debt, after 6 months of that my online business took off.
Now I’m living by the sea, I have a partner and beautiful pup, making quite a lot of money and helping a lot of people whilst having plenty of free time and resources to do things like this.
Having cancer, has actually been a blessing, it puts life in perspective. 
You might die or lose your health in the next few years, how do you want to spend that time. 
You want to be flattened by debt and spending hours upon hours consuming media?
Or do you want to turn things around and make your life the story you know you want told?
Something to consider, it’s easy to consider actually but when it runs through your mind on a daily basis, every time you pop the pill that’s keeping you alive, reminding you you should be dead or dying right about now, life really begins to happen for you and you start making changes. 

This project is not about money, it’s slightly selfish because I want to see this series before I die, but I also want to share it with other artists. I’ve heard from many people who absolutely love this series and are inspired to create art because of it, these translations, and it is a massive tragedy that NHK aren’t sharing it as much as they should (in fact they are suppressing it!)

Well, this one’s for you, fellow art lover! Only a couple more episodes to do now (4×1, 4×3, 4×4).
Buckle in, won’t be long… 


I’m not Naoki Urasawa. I’m just a supporter of his work.

On this site you’ll find English subtitled versions of “Urasawa Naoki no Manben”, the interview series created by Naoki Urasawa himself, where he interviews other mangaka about their creation process.

The 4th episode of S2 and the majority of Season 3 and 4 weren’t translated originally so I had them translated into English, then annotated the videos and subtitled them.

I’ve taken notes on the episodes and created summary pages of the advice given, tools used, inspirations and much more so you can get the most out each episode.

The episodes can be viewed in any order. 

Disclaimer: This website was created for educational, reporting and inspirational purposes to share the advice of the creators with a wider audience. I am not the owner of the video material created.

If anything is wrong with the site I’d appreciate it if you could send me an email: 

…or if you just want to say hello that’d be nice. Happy drawing!


**UPDATE JAN 2019**
Hey guys, so I was going hard on editing these episodes from Japanese to English, got to S3E3 and had to stop for 2 reasons.

1) NHK flagged my videos for copyright violation and my youtube account got taken down.
2) I had to go through cancer treatment which I’m still doing, radiation in Feb.

However I’ve received lots of positive emails from people requesting more episodes and showing appreciation for the project.

So now I have a new lease of life and want to continue with this. 

If anyone has any good suggestions for where to upload the videos let me know. Dailymotion seems to be having issues. 
S3E3 will be out soon so stay tuned. 

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Can’t wait to complete this project,